Tips for Bridal Eye Makeup

Bridal eye makeup is more than just about shadow and liner-it starts from a good foundation, like the whole bridal look itself. For longer lasting makeup, and a clear canvas, foundation or ideally eye makeup primer should be applied to the whole of the lid-this will give something for the shadows and liner to stick […]

7 Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Over 70% of men face hair loss at some date in their life. The catechism is why hair loss is so common, and that too in men particularly? Well, women as well ache from some bulk of hair loss, but they are advantageous that alopecia is not the chat for them; instead they ache from […]

The Leading 9 Hair Removal Techniques

The Leading 9 Hair Removal Techniques Do you have unnecessary body hair? Are you trying to pick in between hair? removal techniques? This quick guide includes all you need to make a decision. It details a number of popular as well as not-so-common approaches of doing away with undesirable hair, consisting of shaving, tweezing, waxing, […]

Popular Types of Nail Designs

Popular Types of Nail Designs If you are a woman, you surely would love nail designs. In fact, chances are you are looking for new designs to wow your friends. So, what are the new types of nail designs that are popular today? There are different types of designs and while you can easily create […]

Basic Guide to Eyebrow Threading

Basic Guide to Eyebrow Threading Eyebrow threading has been around since ancient times. Historical records have shown that this type of cosmetic practice has been around since Ancient Egypt and Ancient Indian/Hindu civilizations. It’s better than plucking because it’s faster, and better than waxing because the risk of burns and skin irritation is lessened. Today, […]